About Us

Let me just start out with this:  I am a rock hounder.  For those who do not know what a rock hounder is; it is a person who spends hours and hours looking for cool rocks in very extreme conditions.  Yes, I am a rock hounder.  I will go out in the middle of the dessert for hours.  I dig into dunes, make holes in the hills, and find beautiful rocks.  I take these rocks I find, clean them, polish them, then sell them to people I know.  This has been a great and very fun hobby I have.  I made this store so I can share this wonderful and rewarding experience with others.

Our products are hand picked and selected for the best quality at the lowest price.  We really want our customers happy with their products, so we will give a $500 gift card to a random customer who enters in their e-mail when you open our store.  Have fun shopping!